Danforth Hill

Danforth Hill makes gritty hip-hop/folk/lo-fi tracks that somehow sound extremely polished in the end. Acoustic guitar, gritty interference sounds and hip-hop beats permeate his collection of music so far. He samples himself. He samples wind chimes and random records he finds. He somehow arranges all of these randoms things to make beautiful music. What separates Danforth from the rest is his musical skill coming before learning to make beats and sample. I think most musicians run straight for the sampler when their musical skills are laking, but Danforth genuinely likes broken, sampled sounds, yet at the same time is an excellent guitarist/drummer/whateverelse.

His beautiful collection of songs and music (Bandcamp)

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CapeFox: fellow artist who lives amongst the trees. He creates ambient/trip-hop music for himself and for others who enjoy their ambient with deep, reverbed chords supported by crisp and meaningful drum beats. This particular track sounds like a chorus of lovely sounding children singing in a cave that echos and spreads out into a deep forest. His music so great is that his tracks constantly morph and blend into something "foresty" and naturally suited for the Trees are Chill website

His music is more abundant on his Bandcamp

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Baggy (Brendan Moore) is a quirky singer/songwriter who is a prolific composer of folk music. Out of hundreds of his written songs, I particularly like this one called Little Birds which features his booming, highly-compressed acoustic guitar sounds with his soft-whispered voice layered on top. The shaky violin sounds that come in during the chorus take the song to a deep and personal level. It's also just great songwriting in that moment.

Many more of his tracks can be found on his SoundCloud

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Evan Geiger

Evan Geiger is a sound veteran that understands layering and navigating the tricky art of song progression in the ambient music genre. "Reeds" could be misconstrued as new release from the artist Tycho featuring light, acoustic drum sounds with constantly changing guitar loops. Synth leads and sweeps come in and out nicely to give flavor to the song. His music is defintely a winner for dreamy ambient enthusiasts who are looking for more melodic and song complexity in the same vein as Helios or Tycho.

His music can be found on his bandcamp

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