Baggy (Brendan Moore) is a quirky singer/songwriter who is a prolific composer of folk music. Out of hundreds of his written songs, I particularly like this one called Little Birds which features his booming, highly-compressed acoustic guitar sounds with his soft-whispered voice layered on top. The shaky violin sounds that come in during the chorus take the song to a deep and personal level. It's also just great songwriting in that moment.

Many more of his tracks can be found on his SoundCloud

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Evan Geiger

Evan Geiger is a sound veteran that understands layering and navigating the tricky art of song progression in the ambient music genre. "Reeds" could be misconstrued as new release from the artist Tycho featuring light, acoustic drum sounds with constantly changing guitar loops. Synth leads and sweeps come in and out nicely to give flavor to the song. His music is defintely a winner for dreamy ambient enthusiasts who are looking for more melodic and song complexity in the same vein as Helios or Tycho.

His music can be found on his bandcamp

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Listening to ytriave's music makes me imagine watching one of those time lapse videos of cities and buildings being built in slow motion. His music is often, especially in this track, composed in a similar way. Where the looping pattern at the beginning, which sounds like some sort of sampled start-up computer tone, serves as the foundation for the rest of the song to build on. Keep listening until the three minute mark and you'll hear the song really hit it's stride.

It's fun to see the direction he takes with his music because it's so unexpected and original. He pulls inspiration from various sources and genres and always seems to pull all of his scatterbrained ideas together towards the end of his tracks.

Be sure to check out the wide range of tracks on his SoundCloud page.

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